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Application of Electronic Automatic Dispenser in Microelectr

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The dispensing technology of automatic dispensing machine is widely used in microelectronic packaging technology, such as chip bonding, chip flip-flop, chip-level packaging and system integration packaging. These are key skills in common electronics manufacturing.
Microelectronic packaging for automatic dispensing machine dispensing skills requirements include:
1. Complete the differential distribution of rubber droplets with diameter less than 0.25 mm, further complete the digital dispensing technique of rubber droplets with diameter less than 0.125 mm, and form various anticipated patterns by adjacent rubber droplets.
2. When the encapsulation space is more compact or limited, the three-dimensional dispensing of space can be accomplished quickly and accurately.
视觉自動點膠機 3. On the premise of large size, micro-gap and high density input/output flip chip, high precision and precise dispensing of expected simple patterns can be achieved.
4. Micro-dispensing technology with high consistency is needed in microelectronic packaging links such as packaging optoelectronic devices, micro-electromechanical systems and micro-nano devices. Thereafter, the dispensing skills that can partially meet the above challenges are basically contact-based.
视觉点胶机 Automatic dispensing machine and non-contact dispensing machine have been widely used in packaging production of solar energy and urban lighting industries. Outdoor LED lighting display; Automotive electronics, automotive manufacturing, automotive accessories; Printing plate making, electronic circuits, integrated circuits, printed circuits; Instruments, fine products, building materials; Computer production, mobile communications; Clothing, gold and silver jewelry; Arts and crafts and other industries packaging can also be applied.