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Definition and type description of dispensing technology

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 Dispensing is a process, also known as gluing, gluing, pouring, dropping, etc. It is the application, packaging and dropping of electronic glue, oil or other liquids onto the product, so that the product can achieve the effect of gluing together. Including filling, insulation, ruggedness, external lubrication dispensing is widely used. Everything from airplanes and steamships to clothes and toys needs glue. It can be said that only when the glue reaches the center through intelligent dispensing technology to achieve dispensing effect, this paper explains the definition of dispensing.
手动点胶机 Dispensing method:
1. Manual dispensing: Manual dispensing machine is used to dispense glue on electronic products. Manual dispensing is also one of the defining modes of dispensing. This process is simple and expensive, but the disadvantage is waste of energy!
手动热熔胶机 2. Manual glue gun dispensing
3. Use semi-automatic dispensing machine to dispense glue
蠕动式点胶机 4. Automatic dispenser dispenser dispenser uses air pressure to push out glue solution within a set time. The instrument controls the time of dispensing each time to ensure the same amount of dispensing each time and to meet the key points of dispensing definition.
Only by adjusting the pressure, time and choosing the appropriate needle to dispense glue, the amount of each injection can be reversed at will. This process has high technical content and high cost.