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Which type of dispensing equipment can be used for silver gl

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Which equipment can be used for silver glue? According to the type of silver glue sprayer distribution, there are three ways, if the dispensing method, there are two ways, respectively, say how these types of machine effect, for your choice of silver glue dispensing equipment is also helpful.
Classification by machine type
银胶 Manual dispenser
The silver glue assembled by needle barrel can be dispensed by manual dispensing machine, and can be dispensed by connecting air pressure and dispensing needle. However, the dispensing accuracy and production are more troublesome. The control of glue coating is not very good. It can also solve the silver glue dispensing problem, and there will be no problem of automatic dispensing and wire drawing.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine
It belongs to desktop dispensing equipment. Its dispensing function is better than manual dispensing machine. It does not need manual dispensing. It has uniform coating and good dispensing effect. It is easy to meet the requirements of dispensing industry. Its dispensing accuracy and uniformity can be controlled. Silver dispensing technology is better than manual dispensing technology. It belongs to the type of upgraded version machine. It is a very good one. Silver glue spraying machine, the most appropriate cost, cost-effective.
On-line automatic dispensing machine
This is an upgraded version of the desktop automatic dispensing machine. The whole machine production mode, no longer need manual auxiliary production, even the product loading and unloading are carried out by machine, so the effect of silver glue dispensing will be better, but also image transmission technology and fixed-point technology, can control the dispensing amount of dispensing needle, can achieve a basic amount of each point. Sample, the difference is very small, belongs to the popular production mode now, there will be no automatic dispensing and drawing problems, good control, belongs to a very good silver rubber jet.
在线式全自動點膠機 This is the silver glue dispensing equipment. There are three kinds of silver glue spraying machines, which can be selected according to the requirements of dispensing.