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Operating Principles and Key Points of High Speed Dispenser

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Users who often use high-speed dispensers deserve attention. Do you know the six principles that should be paid attention to when using high-speed dispensers?
1. Do not install equipment according to your imagination or experience. The principle of high-speed dispenser is to regularly maintain and adjust the installation level and accuracy of equipment. It is recommended that the installation level and accuracy be checked and adjusted every six months, and detailed records be made for future reference.
2. Don't put dispensing machine in bad production environment, because high-speed dispensing machine has special requirements for the environment (constant temperature, constant humidity, shock proof, dust proof) and needs to take corresponding measures to ensure that the performance and accuracy of equipment is not affected, which is the key point in the principle of using high-speed dispensing machine.
3. Do not use dispensing machine for rough processing, do not overload performance dispensing. Processing specifications must be strictly followed. Instructions for drinking water machine equipment.
4. Do not disassemble the high-speed dispensing machine at will. Generally, do not disassemble the dispensing machine in daily maintenance. Especially, optical components are operated by full-time repairmen when necessary.
5. Do not allow dispensing machine to be used when problems arise. Daily maintenance should be carried out according to the prescribed parts and regulations. If abnormalities are found, it should be stopped immediately and the maintenance personnel should be notified to check. This is also one of the principles of using high-speed dispensing machine.
6. Do not use or replace lubricant materials, wiping materials and detergents.