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Do hot melt dispensing valves need cleaning?

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Guide: hot melt glue dispensing valve, also known as hot melt glue dispensing valve nozzle, can be used for dispensing bottles of perfume bottles. Dispensing accuracy can be controlled in 0.01mm accuracy. The width of glue can be large from 1mm to 5mm. It can achieve circular and linear dispensing. It can be used in automatic dispensing machine, with even glue and uniform coating effect.
Do hot melt dispensing valves need cleaning?
热熔胶点胶阀 Hot melt adhesives are different from ordinary hot melt adhesives. They need heating to dispense. Do they need to be cleaned by hot melt adhesives dispensing valves? In fact, the use of fully automatic hot-melt dispenser for production does not need to dispensing valve cleaning, because the remaining glue, as long as it can be heated and then used, there is no need to clean, waiting for the second use of heating, it can reduce some production steps, very convenient.
Practical application of hot melt adhesive dispensing valve
热熔胶点胶阀 The perfume bottle dispensing is a machine developed by the automatic dispensing machine with hot melt glue dispensing valve nozzle and constant temperature system. The hot melt adhesive spray valve is used to store glue and heating glue, and the plastic dispensing syringe is a high temperature resistant syringe, which can withstand 160 degrees of temperature. It ensures that the dispensing needles will not melt due to high temperature. To ensure the stability of the dispensing of perfume bottles, the glue that can not be used can be stored in the nozzle of the hot melt glue dispensing valve, and it is not convenient to clean the dispensing valve.
热熔胶点胶机 Fully automatic hot melt dispensing machine is a very good automatic dispensing machine, can use hot melt glue, can be applied in many industries, hot melt glue belongs to hot glue, now there are corresponding hot melt dispensing equipment, so it is very convenient to use, hot melt dispensing valves do not need cleaning, than other dispensing valves. It is also simple to use, which is a message for the use of dispensing equipment, hot melt dispensing valve cleaning is more troublesome, need to change the circuit.