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Can sealer hot melt glue be coated with automatic dispenser?

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Seal box hot melt glue is always a special glue, need to be heated before dispensing, which automatic dispensing machine can dispensing? Actually, as long as the corresponding heating device is matched, various types of industry dispensing can be realized, such as: tablet computer border dispensing, different machine types and accessories, will achieve different sealing effect of hot melt adhesive coating.
 封箱热熔胶 Type of Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
For the core technology, the use of sealed hot melt glue is still a very simple way. Now, including small hot melt glue machine, automatic hot melt glue machine, non-standard hot melt glue machine and manual hot melt glue machine, all can use hot melt glue for dispensing, according to the needs of the industry, choose different machine types, such as: flat panel. Computer frame dispensing, can use automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine with temperature heating device to achieve dispensing task, for accuracy requirements, with high precision machines, for glue volume requirements, the use of large capacity machines.
热熔胶粒 Small Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Small hot melt glue dispenser refers to a general desktop automatic dispensing machine, using a Y-axis working platform, which is also a common type of machine. It has good glue-coating technology in dispensing accuracy control, especially in products with high precision requirements. It can fully display its performance by installing a temperature heating device. Use hot melt sealant.
Sealing hot melt glue is no longer a difficult requirement, many industries can use, in addition to tablet computer border dispensing, there are many industries, carton industry, aviation industry, medical industry and so on, can use a lot of machine types, but small hot melt glue machine and automatic hot melt glue machine are automatic. Dispensers are commonly used.